Mentoring Is



What Mentoring Is !

 Connecting Men for Life


CONNECT is a ministry of connecting men through Biblical

 principles. We were made in the image of God.  Within the

Trinity, we see perfect relationship demonstrated.  Gen. 2,

"Let US create man in OUR image."  The relationship

between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is real and

because God knew the importance of it He stated "It is not

good for man to be alone." God announced in that

moment our need for relationship with another of our finite kind. 

Men avoid intimate relationships with other men.  For some it feels wrong, for others it feels awkward, while for others they simply don't get it. There are the exception that recognize the need and value of relationship and are courageous enough to make it happen!

     Everyone should have a mentor in their life!  Mature men should be mentoring younger, less mature men. Take a stroll through the book of Proverbs and you'll find 3 camps, wise men seeking knowledge and understanding, the fool and those in-between in ignorance.

About Us

In 1979 a college professor said to me "You will be lucky if over your life you have 5 friends." And so this journey began. That lead to identifying what a 'Real Friend' is which led to a lifetime of self discovery and eventually this ministry. Of course there were many stops along the way and those experiences are the basis for what we have to share.